inviting calmness & space & balance into our daily life


Yin compared to yang is less, slower, softer, more passive, surrendering, not forcing. 

Through yin practice, we invite gentle energy to our daily life, invite stillness, gentleness, and kindness, for our body, our mind, and ourselves. Not forcing, not pushing, but listening to our body, connecting/balancing to our body, our mind, ourselves. 


In yin yoga practice, we hold each pose for several minutes, which creates moderate stress to the connective tissues through stretching and compressing. The practice is designed to create balance in the water channel in the fascia, increase blood circulation in the joints, improve the flow of energy, and overall physical and emotional well-being -  releasing and connecting. 


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Yin Yoga & Chakra
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19 April 2022 - 07 June 2022

Chakras are energy centers in the body, situated along the spine. We have 7 main Chakras which are connected to our physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Through awareness, meditation, and yoga practice, we can check it, reflect and re-balance our energy - allow the energy to flow through. Each Chakra connects its own central issue and identity. Each week, we will target one Chakra through meditation and yin yoga practice. It is like a journey of releasing, reflecting, and balancing.


#1 (7 sessions)  

Tuesday  10:00-11:15  CET

  • 19 April  2022   Chakra one - Muladhara

Earth - Survival - Self-preservation - right to be here to have - physical identity

------------no class on 26 April 2022-------------


  • 03  May  2022  Chakra two - Svadhisthana

Water - sexuality & emotions - self gratification - right to feel to want - Emotional identity

  • 10  May  2022 Chakra three -  Manipura

Fire - Power & Will - self definition - right to act - Ego identity

  • 17  May  2022  Chakra four - Anahata

Air - Love & Relationship - self-acceptance - right to love and be loved - Social identity

  • 24  May  2022  Chakra five - Vissudha

Sound - Communication - self-expression - right to speak and to be heard - Creativity identity

  • 31  May  2022  Chakra six - Ajna

Light - Intuition & imagination - self reflection - right to see - Archetypal identity 

  • 07  June  2022  Chakra seven - Sahasrara

Thought - awareness - self-knowledge - right to know - Universal identity




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Yin Yoga & New Moon
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New moon is….
When the moon and sun have the same ecliptic longitude, the moon is in shadow and rises before dawn and sets with the sun. For a couple of days, the moon is almost invisible, it is a time of darkness.  It is a time of inwardness, reflection, visioning, and setting intentions for the month ahead. It is a time of new beginnings, a seeming pause in the darkness before its journey back to fullness again. We are given full permission to slow down, to turn inward, to tune in, to reset.

It is a time to check in with ourselves,
What do I want?
What do I need?
Where I am now? Where do I want to go?
What do I want more of?
What do I want less of?
What I do want to invite into my life?

The new moon reflects a new beginning, it is a time for setting intentions, dreaming, rest, self-care, visualizing, slowing down, reset, to check in with ourselves what it is we want and what we need. It is a time to deepen the relationship with yourself, be with yourself, listen to your heart.

trust the potential
planting a seed

For yourself


I have been syncing my practice with moon phrases for a while, and feeling yin yoga’s slowness/inwardness is a great combination for the time of the new moon. It is a moment that allows me to check in with myself, to reset, and anchor again my next step through the process of setting an intention, rest, and gaining clarity. I am grateful I have the opportunities to practice and benefit; as well as grateful to share the practice with you together.

The process of yin yoga & new moon will be including meditation, yin yoga, journaling, and sharing/connecting.

For the practice, it may be nice to have a yoga mat or blanket, and some props like blankets, blocks, bolster, cushions, pillows, chairs or books, anything that supports the practice.

For journaling, you can prepare a notebook or paper and pen.

For the space for yourself, you may want to prepare the space where you can concentrate without distraction, you feel safe, you feel calm, light a candle or incent, or whatever way suits you.

If you have some questions or any concerns, feel free to get in touch with me by email.

Price: €22,5  ; Register here

Intro -Yin Yoga - Online
12 April 2022 | Tuesday | 10:00-11:00

If you are new to yin yoga or yoga in general, this is a perfect moment to experience, to try if this is something for you.

It is a free session,
please register here, and mention if you have any injuries.

For the practice (mainly seating and lying), it is nice to have a yoga mat or blanket, and some props like blankets, blocks, bolster, cushions, pillows, chairs or books, anything that can support the practice.

It is nice to create a moment and space where you can concentrate without distraction.
Feel free to email me if you have any questions.