Life Balance class

A class to give and to receive Thai Yoga massage



a meditative journey

to practice and experience

ancient massage of Thailand

called Nuad Bo-Rarn

Nuad Bo-Rarn (also called Thai yoga massage or Traditional Thai massage) is an ancient healing system with influences from Chinese acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. Nuad Bo-Rarn means "ancient massage", or "ancient healing way" and is a key component of Traditional Thai Medicine, a holistic approach to healing the body, mind, and spirit.


Life balance class is for everyone who wants to experience complete relaxation and likes yoga, meditation, and massage. During the class, you will receive a 45 min Thai yoga massage, based on acupressure and stretching, and you will give your fellow classmate a 45 min massage under the teacher’s guidance. The participants will massage each other and we will move as a group in a meditative flow. The massage is fully clothed and is suitable for both beginner and advanced levels.


Ps. please wear clean socks, a shirt with long sleeves, and long sports pants in which you can move freely



Life balance class is currently hosted in Yogajuf in Rotterdam.

Coming soon...

Let me know if you are interested in taking online class.


"I followed the life balance class 3 times and really enjoyed it. It's a very relaxing experience both the giving and learning about the massage as the receiving side. I have been practising on people at home and it is a very meditative way of getting away from everyday stuff. I can highly recommend trying a life balance class, you would be surprised how good it feels to also give a massage :). Thanks Lichun for giving me this experience. "








Thai Yoga massage workshop

In this workshop, you will find out more about Thai Yoga massage, and learn a full massage to give to your friends and families, so you can help each other to be healthier, happier and stress-free. Thai Yoga massage is beneficial against stress, headaches, back pain, insomnia, and more. There is no previous experience required. The massage is given over the clothes, so you can wear comfortable clothes. Participants will practice on each other.


coming soon...



"Tijdens de yoga massage workshop van Lichun lukte het mij om even helemaal op te gaan in het moment. Aan de hand van heldere instructies ontdek je verschillende Thaise massage-technieken. Je krijgt de kans om de technieken volledig te integreren als gever en ontvanger. Lichun creëert een warme en veilige sfeer met aandacht en ruimte voor vragen en reflectie. Na de workshop heb je echt het gevoel dat je meer weet van het lichaam en met massage aan de slag kan gaan."







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