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a corner of the space

I enjoy creating the space with multi-functions, a place I live, a place I teach, a place I give treatment, a place I create art, a place to share, a place to exchange, a place for a inner peace, a place to connect and reconnect.

a place I sleep,

a place I have tea ceremony,

a place I meditate,

a place I give myself Reiki,

a place I listen to music,

a place I write my morning page,

a place I do gentle yoga,

a place I embrace fear and tear,

a place I share love and passion.

a place for myself and others,

to be.....

A place I work,

A place I eat,

A place I talk with someone,

A place I listen to my client,

A place to receive insight,

A place to share.

a place to be in and out

within and without

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