• Online private life balance massage class
  • Customized lesson speed
  • Attention for adjustment
  • 90min online class to give and to receive Thai Yoga massage
  • more info: https://www.riverleaf.xyz/life-balance-class


Life balance class is for everyone who wants to experience complete relaxation and likes yoga, meditation, and massage. During the class, you will receive a 45 min Thai yoga massage, based on acupressure and stretching, and you will give your fellow classmate a 45 min massage under the teacher’s guidance. The participants will massage each other and we will move as a group in a meditative flow. The massage is fully clothed and is suitable for both beginner and advanced levels.



€ 75,- per session, per couple

First try out € 55,-


  • Book an online private life balance massage session here

  • Email to riverleafriver@gmail.com for the schedule

  • The lesson can take place via skype or zoom

what do you need:

  • laptop or tablet and internet

  • thin matrass or a couple layers of yoga mat with a blanket for lying down to receive the massage

  • cushion or blanket to place under the knee of the one giving the massage

  • extra pillow or cushion or bolsters

Private online life balance

€ 75,00 Regular Price
€ 55,00Sale Price