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Nuad Bo-Rarn, is an ancient healing system, a balanced blend of physical, energetic, and spiritual healing techniques and concepts. It is a therapeutic style of massage in applying acupressure, dissolving the blockages, stimulating energy lines, opening and balancing the body with yoga-like stretches and allowing and encouraging the recipient to engage in a process of self-healing, deep relaxation, and renewal - a holistic approach to healing the body, mind, and spirit.

During Thai Yoga Massage, the recipient remains clothed, wearing loose, comfortable clothes and lying on a mat on the floor. No oil is used in this massage.

Duration: 90min

Price: €95 per session

package of 4 sessions is available for regular treatments.





Lichun has a sensitivity to touch and balance/counterbalance in her massage work that transported me to a state of total relaxation into the deepest muscle in my body.  It was like passive yoga and meditation all in one, that left me feeling like a soft noodle from head to toe. 


Thai massage zijn me in verschillende vormen bekend, maar de Thai Yoga massage was voor mij nieuw. Het is een hele energieke en fysieke vorm van massage waarbij je - ondanks dat je je kleren aanhoud - meer in contact bent met de persoon die de massage geeft. Lichun doet 't werk en legt je tijdens de sessie in verschillende yoga achtige posities, terwijl je zelf relaxt en het laat begaan. Ze doet dit met aandacht. Ze gebruikt haar handen verfijnd en met kracht waar nodig, in een bepaald natuurlijk ritme wat me niet eerder is opgevallen bij andere massages.
Wat andere reviewers zeggen over Lichun's prettige energie en professionaliteit kan ik alleen maar beamen. Haar praktijk vindt plaats in huiselijke sferen, bij een massage zou het dan voor sommigen wat intiem of ongemakkelijk kunnen voelen. Geen zorgen, bij Lichun is het heel fijn om te zijn.
Ik voelde me heel goed na de massage.


My neighbor was really positive about this massage, so I gave it a try. And it was surely beyond expectations. What a great massage. It felt like I had more space in my body, more air to breath. Even now, a couple of days later, I can still feel the difference. Also some fixation points in my back are gone and the muscles in my shoulders and neck are less stiff. I am certainly coming back! (And I would advice you to book at least 90 minutes, so there is enough time.)



Lichun is someone with a lot of dedication and attention to detail. I love her personal approach. Next to a relaxing experience, the Thai Yoga Massage is also an exploration of physical abilities through with Lichun will support you along the way.


I received Lichun's Thai massage once a week, for 3 weeks in a row, during a lower back pain crisis.
I was experiencing a strong hip and leg pain, rooted on an old lower back compression that radiates through the sciatic nerve to my right foot. I often feel numbness in my right leg but this time I couldn’t walk and was at the point of taking painkillers to go through my days.  
Before the beginning of each session Lichun would ask me how I was feeling and how my body was doing. Her attentive listening would help us navigate those moments in which my pain couldn’t bare her touch. After each session Lichun would also ask me how it had been and recommend me exercises I could do by myself and other healthy practices that would help me protect and strengthen the most affected areas. Lichun’s care was crucial in my recovery.
After the first session I immediately felt a huge relief. My leg muscles, which were extremely tight at first, were now much more relaxed. I felt my posture improved immediately and I was more aware to maintain it and motivated to stretch regularly in the next days.
During the second session I could sense the massage progression was easier to endure. My muscles were less tight than before but there were still a lot of areas which needed a more in depth attention. The second and the third sessions were about maintaining the muscle relaxation and going in depth in those most affected areas.
I always left the mat with a good ener
gised sensation, even when at first I would feel overwhelmed by the intense energy release.
My overall experience was very positive and I will definitely book more regular sessions soon.  


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