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For conscious, intuitive, sensitive and creative beings.


Meditation. Yin Yoga. Sound meditation. Journaling

A deep inner care for yourself to
feel at ease,
feel the flow,
gain clarity and energy. 

supporting you to

To reset


with yourself.

from dark to light
from the end to a new beginning


20 Decembe
r 2023
6:45 pm-8:45 pm CET
online +
14 days replay: from Winter solstice to New year                               

Dear Beautiful souls,

  • Have you been feeling tired from endless work during this period?


  • Have you been feeling overwhelmed by intense emotion or busyness?


  • Have you felt responsible or worried for others but lacked enough energy to keep up?


  • Have you been unable to sleep, see clarity, or feel what you need?

I feel you,

You may be in a time when everything comes simultaneously, and all need your attention, and you cannot say no. And when you try to fill everything in your agenda and try to do multiple things at the same time, try to speed up, and you feel
a sense of stress and anxiety...

Maybe you are in a hectic time and don’t have time to pause, take a br
eak, or breathe. Feel yourself in this dark storm and chaos that you cannot find a way out. Cannot see very clearly which way you should go? You feel overwhelmed and don’t know what your next step is.


Please join me for this INNER SHIFT JOURNEY

via meditation, Yin Yoga, Sound meditation, and Journaling, so you can feel at ease, feel the flow, gain clarity and energy, and ease this transitional time with insight and inspiration




1. A space for yourself
2. A moment for yourself
3. A place where you can sit and lie down
4. A journal you can write
5. A headphone you can listen to
6. Optional: blanket and cushions



My name is Lichun.


I am an artist/filmmaker and inner work facilitator combining Yoga, Sound Therapy, meditation, and Thai yoga massage. I support my clients to listen to their bodies, connect with themselves, reflect and process the resistance, and receive their insight and inner wisdom.

I founded Beyond the Beyond, a studio focused on artistic film production, research, creative projects, and audio and visual performance. I also set up riverleaf, which provides inner journey programs and practices for supporting conscious and creative beings.

Originally from Taiwan, my experience as a multi-passionate entrepreneur made my exceptionally skilled in sensing the state of individuality and being aware of the space they need.

I am passionate about creating a journey and space where people can connect with their true selves and live life with positive vibrations.

Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 21.46.36.png

“Lichun has been a great channel for connecting me with the energy that I lacked. She brought me to a sacred place, a sacred source I can drink from, a place I always hoped existed, but couldn't find it without her guidance. From that place, I receive more stable energy and more stable emotion. Apart from sound therapy I also follow psychotherapy and for me, it feels like they are complementary. Thank you Lichun for your guiding voice and your warm personality."                                                    


-  Ton, the Netherlands

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