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"Lichun has been a great channel for connecting me with the energy that I lacked. She brought me to a sacred place, a sacred source I can drink from, a place I always hoped existed, but couldn't find it without her guidance.


From that place, I receive more stable energy and more stable emotion. Apart from sound therapy I also follow psychotherapy and for me, it feels like they are complementary. Thank you Lichun for your guiding voice and your warm personality."


"the answers are within you" sounds ridiculous and difficult to believe, but having access to sound therapy by Lichun that is how I would sum up my experience. Sound therapy allowed me to access those parts of myself that I had blocked, thus enabling me to draw from a new source of knowledge and strength in the face of adversity in my life. Thank you Lichun."


"I joint Lichun's sound therapy because I am chronically suffering from neck/head pain. The experience was amazing - the pain was disappearing during each sessions and psychologically I benefited a lot from talking to Lichun and from the sound vibration on my body. I highly recommend it for both physical and psychological reasons."



"I took several sessions of sound therapy for the chronic pain in my back, neck and head. Lichun took me on a great journey where I experienced things I would never ever imagined and I learned things about myself I never knew. It was like learning a new language to talk about my pain and my needs. I would have never ever imagined that sound therapy could be this intense and insightful. Lichun is a great, understanding and professional therapist."


Clarity .  self-Healing. Bliss

In sound Therapy, instruments are played therapeutically, combined with deep self-reflection techniques, to improve health and well-being. 

Currently, the instruments will be used are  Himalayan singing bowls, voice toning/over toning, and a drum, in addition to combining the session with the BAST Method—7 R is a self-reflective tool that enables us to gain clarity and insight.  ( 7R: resonance / responsibility / re-framing / release / reflection / recognition / resistance )

In the session, you will be able to explore:

  • What do you need to do in order to maintain the flow?

  • What is it about for you?

  • What do you have to do in order to process this further?



It helps you to ….


  • Recognize where everything starts and block the flow of your life

  • Explore self-awareness, liberation, deep relaxation, and openness

  • Receive the change, insight, clarity, transformation, and illumination.






Duration: 75-90 min / session



15-20min   check-in & reflection

45-50min.  sound session

15-20min.  reflection & integration






Price:  (incl. btw)


€ 95        for a loose individual session

€ 355      for a program of 4 sessions 

               (once per week or once every other week)





In person in Utrecht, NL.  Or.   Online via Zoom











Sound therapy may not be suitable for individuals who:

  • Are in the first trimester of pregnancy.

  • Experience severe mental health conditions such as paranoid schizophrenia, severe personality disorder, psychosis, or unmanaged extreme bipolar disorder, or have disclosed suicidal or homicidal ideation.

  • Have epilepsy or experience seizures (unless their condition is managed).

  • Have conditions that may be exacerbated by sound

  • Have metal plates, implants, pacemakers, or other implanted devices





So, if you are a new client, please contact me for an intake or to discuss your situation. 



You can contact me here to book your session if you are my regular client.



My four Sound Therapy sessions with Lichun have been wonderful. With approximately one week in between each session there was enough time to let each treatment sink in, and yet the four sessions together seemed like a ‘whole’, with a beginning, middle and an end. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but Lichun took time to explain the intentions and her methods. She is very professional, caring, and nurturing. My sessions came at a time where I was struggling with bodily tensions and insomnia and I can say that the sessions have helped my body to relax more. Also, it has given me insight into what I can do to maintain this state of relaxation and how to take care of my personal needs better. Therefore, I highly recommend Lichun’s Sound Therapy to anyone!


Ik ervaar Li Chun in haar Sound Therapy-werk als  uiterst respectvol, liefdevol en kalm. De sereniteit die ze met zich meedraagt sloeg op mij over, waardoor ik elke keer een stuk ontspannener wegging dan ik bij aankomst was.



The sound sessions were a good experience. After each session, I felt relaxed and closer to my inner self, to what happened in my body, and to what does that tell me about what is going on in my mind and soul. At the end of the first session, I felt elated, very cheerful, and very light of heart. In the other sessions, I felt parts of my body, which felt like dead wood before, opening up, streaming, revitalizing, and connecting. The talk before and after the experience helped to give the experience a place in my daily life. I developed new meditation routines to help me stay close to the good experiences I had during the sessions.
So it was a valuable experience.
Lichun is a quiet, dedicated, empathetic, disciplined professional who creates a safe atmosphere.


I was very curious about sound therapy as I am a highly sensitive person and particularly sensitive to sound. I also thought that a somatic practice would be a great complement to ongoing cognitive therapy.
I did a total of four sessions, one every week, which allowed me to focus on the different areas that I needed to work through.
The things that I needed help with were mainly related to difficult relationships at work, trouble letting go of certain emotions, and in accepting myself in my current body.
The sessions are structured in a way that allows for self-reflection before and after the sound part. Lichun has created a very safe space in which I felt held and willing to adventure on what felt like embarking on a journey.
I imagine that everyone will have different experiences, but to me there was clearly a different sense of time and a lot of different sensations. Movement, warmth, colours and even visions.
After each session, Lichun would always recommend after care exercises related to the insights of the session. Something that I continue to practice until today.
To me, it was also fascinating to learn more about how the body responds to the environment and how it also relates to past experiences and (self-)knowledge.
I am very grateful for these sound sessions with Lichun. I noticed that I am more aware and taking better care of my body since then.

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