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A 3 month 1:1 Transformative Inner journey for yourself, with yourself

For sensitive, intuitive, conscious, creative beings

who are limited by their low self-esteem, lack of self-trust, and lack of self-love from creating a fulfilled life.

Have you been feeling…


Tired of all the negative thoughts about yourself?

Frustrated with yourself that you are not good enough?

Exhausted from all the commitments, but don't have enough time and space for yourself?

Guilty and selfish when you disappoint others?

Stressed and overwhelmed by the endless to-do list? Feeling behind everything, you “have to” do?

Emotional imbalance from your current life changes?


Take a moment to ask yourself

How would you like to feel?

Are you the one...


  • That is always fulfilling others' needs first, and often feeling tired and exhausted from lack of time and energy.

  • That is always there for everyone, but you don't have enough time and space for yourself?


  • Not sure what is your need? Where is your boundary? how to communicate your true feeling without worrying about what others might think or react?

  • Don’t allow yourself to be open to others, feel difficult to connect or commit, not sure if you are able to love and worthy to be really loved and connected?

  • Feeling not good enough, not ready, not smart enough, not sensible enough, disappointed with yourself?


  • That is going through a significant change and shift in your life; sometimes, the emotions take you over?


  • That often could not sleep well? and wake up at midnight with panic feelings and anxiety?

  • Having an endless to-do list and always feeling a sense of being behind everything? Always feel the need to rush for everything, all the deadlines? All the appointments?

  • Feeling exhausted from multi roles and multi-tasking? Don't want to ask for support or don't want to 'bother' others, so you carry everything on your own? Feeling responsible for everything?  everyone?


  • Feeling you need to be strong, you need to take care of others, you don't allow yourself to be vulnerable? To be emotional?

  • Feeling overwhelmed that everything is too much and too fast for you?

  • Not dare to claim your dream, feel not happy enough, not fulfilled enough, you think maybe this it is?

Do you recognize some part of yourself in these stories?


I did.

I feel you,

I felt the same. That was me. 

My situation has been changing since some years ago....


I am recovering from "giving too much," "working too hard," "never saying no", and "self-criticism" to start learning to listen to my body and my heart, giving myself space and time to be aware of what I need to do in order to feel well.

It was from my regular practice in yin yoga, meditation, and all the reflective, spiritual, and mindset work that I became aware of my need, my voice, my truth, and my dream.

It was a process of creating a better relationship with myself, self-care, self-trust, self-compassion, and self-worth. 

How do I look at myself?

How do I think about myself?

How do I feel about myself?

How do I treat myself?

so I can trust myself, I can appreciate myself, can be kind to myself, and support myself to live the life I want to develop and create.


What if you could have a life that is......


  • You feel balanced and calm.

  • You have space and time for yourself.

  • You know your needs and are clear about your boundary.

  • You have the balance of sharing your energy between your work, your loved ones, fun activities, and yourself.

  • You have a peaceful mind and clarity to reflect on the situation, create your life, make decisions, take actions, and have an overview of what you are doing in the present moment.

  • You are connecting with your true feeling, you are trusting your intuition.

  • You empower yourself; you own self-responsibility.

  • You are connecting with your body, allowing it to rest and act.

  • You fall asleep with a quieter mind and experience great rest from a good night of sleep.

  • You wake up with positive energy and calmness, and you are looking forward to your new day.

  • You are a good friend with your sadness, your fear, your guilt, and you insecurity, and you experience trust, ease, and relaxation in yourself.

  • You have a good relationship with yourself, you trust yourself, you value yourself, you love yourself, and you support yourself.

  • You are present; you are connected with your body, your emotion, and your mind.

  • You are happy to be who you are and love what you do; enjoy the positive vibration in you.

What would your life be like if ….


  • You start your day with a calm and loving feeling and end your day with peace


      and gratefulness.

  • You have a good balance between everything you want to do and everyone


       you care about.

  • You have a quiet mind and clarity about what you are doing.

  • You have time, space, and energy for yourself and others.

  • You allow emotion and difficulty to be and to release.

  • You are honest to yourself and stay true to yourself.

  • You are connected to yourself and others, you love and be loved.

  • You are positive, happy, and joyful, and enjoy creating the meaning of your life.

  • You trust yourself, you love yourself, you value yourself, you support yourself


      and you are creating the life you are dreaming of.


My name is Lichun Tseng.

Through the experience of being an artist, yoga teacher, sound therapist, and Thai yoga massage therapist, I became particularly skilled in sensing the state of individuality and being aware of the subtle connection between people, allowing/creating space for them. It also allows me to have the magic combination of practices in mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical from different perspectives; it ends in the same direction - balance


There is no fixed point of balance; instead, it is a process of being aware: what do we feel? What do we need? Then adjust when we are out of balance, charge when we lack energy, pausing when we need rest. It is the process of being honest to yourself, a balance between yin and yang, active and non-active. 


I support my clients, to be honest with themselves, to listen to their body and their inner voice, to connect with their emotions and their body, to gain clarity, to reflect and process the resistance, to reprogram their patterns, and to receive their insight. 

I am creating the space for my clients to reconnect with themselves - with self-love, self-care, self-awareness, and eventually vibrating the positive energy for living the life they want, with their self-trust, self-compassion, and self-worth.

Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 21.46.36.png

The invitation - I invite you to join this inner journey with me. 

3 months 1:1 program - meeting yourself with LOVE

This is about YOU; This is for YOU.

We will work 1:1 over 3 months together to create and experience a balanced journey for you. I will support you in this process to connect, to be aware, to receive, to reflect, to change, to release, to accept, to transform, and to empower.


Consciousness & Connection - What do you feel?

Exploration & Empowerment - What it is about for you?

Insight & Inspiration - What do you have to do in order to process this further?

                                        What do you have to do in order to maintain the flow?




We will experience this transformational journey through Thai yoga massage, sound therapy, yin yoga, chakra meditation, and Yoga Nidra, as well as reflective practices. There will be some exercise/tools provided after each session; it is not meant to be "homework" or something you "have to" do; instead, it is a support and inspiration for your daily life.



  • BLENDED VERSION [in-person & online]


Each month you will receive

1 x 90 min Yoga Nidra + Thai yoga massage  [in-person]

1 x 90 min Yin yoga + Chakra  [online or in-person]

1 x 90 min Sound therapy         [in-person]

1 x 60 min Check-in & Reflection    [online] 

About schedule:

It is customized according to your situation; you can have 1 session per week, or you can have the 2 in-person sessions scheduled on the same day if that works better for you.

If you have an irregular schedule, not sure how this program will work for you, please get in touch with me. We will have creative solutions for you.

  • DISTANCE VERSION [online via zoom]


Each month you will receive

1 x 90 min Yoga Nidra + Sound meditation

1 x 90 min Yin yoga + Chakra meditation

1 x 90 min Sound therapy

1 x 60 min Check-in & Reflection


Check the possibilities for you, or have some questions



Nuad Bo-Rarn, is an ancient healing system, a therapeutic style of massage that combines soft tissue manipulation techniques, assisted yoga postures, breathing, and meditation to bring the body into a state of deep relaxation.


It allows you to ….. 

Reconnect with your body

Reduce the stress and tension in your body

Rebalance your energy and flow



is an ancient sleep meditation that opens the connection to your inner world. The practice draws our attention inwards, and we learn to surf between the states of wakefulness and sleep, where our body finds its natural state of equilibrium – an innate state of deep, blissful awareness.


It benefits you to …


Improve thought patterns, self-esteem, mental clarity and sleep quality

Heal and navigate the trauma and difficulty

Reduce stress, depression, and anxiety



Sound therapy uses sound, music, and specialist instruments played in therapeutic ways, combined with deep self-reflection techniques, to improve health and well-being.


It helps you to ….

Recognize where did everything start and block the flow of your life

Explore self-awareness, liberation, deep relaxation, and openness

Receive the change, insight, clarity, transformation, and illumination.



Yin yoga is a quiet, contemplative practice; working the body deeply with passive and longer-held poses. It increases blood circulation in the joints, improves energy flow, and overall physical and emotional well-being - releasing and connecting.


It supports you to…

Increase the energy flow and flexibility  

Improve emotional and physical balance

Invite calmness, awareness, peace, and space



Chakra meditation is a practice to connect with our energy centers, our inner compass. Each Chakra connects its own central issue and identity - survival, sexuality & emotions, power & will, love & relationship, communication, intuition & imagination, and awareness. Balancing the Chakra is a way to support us to be, to feel, to act, to love, to speak, to see, and to know. 


It supports you to…

Feel grounded, safe, and secure

Be creative and connected with your emotion

Have good self-esteem, and feel centered.

Feel balanced, compassionate, and self-acceptance.

Be truthful, be creative, be a good listener, and have clear communication.

Connect to your intuition and your inner knowing

Feel supported and receive the inner wisdom within you.

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This program is FOR YOU if ...


  • You often have negative thoughts about yourself, and have low self-esteem and a lack of self-trust, always feel you are not good enough.

  • You often neglect your need, always fulfilling others' wishes first, you want to be able to communicate and express your truth, needs, and feeling.

  • You want to feel balanced and have a peaceful and clarity in your life, and have space and time for yourself.

  • You want to face your fear, your past, and your wound, and be willing to work on it and commit to yourself.

  • You want to trust yourself, value yourself, love yourself, and support yourself, to shine your light and share your gift.

  • You want to commit, empower and liberate yourself; to live the life you create.


This program is NOT for you if ...


  • You can prioritize yourself for the space and time you need, for the things you want to do. 

  • You are centered, you can connect with yourself with love, trust, and confidence, enjoy your fulfilled life, and share your full potential.

  • You are not interested in inner work, and not open to personal development and spiritual practice.

  • You are not ready to fully commit to yourself, give yourself an opportunity to change.

  • You don't want to try, you don't want to believe, and you don't want to explore a conscious life for yourself.


Clients' experience

"The vibration of sounds and percussion instruments have always been revealing when they have come into my life in a moment of crisis or search for transformation. They have opened emotions, generated images, brought words that otherwise I would not have been able to reach, to be messages or changes in my vital constructs.

The sessions with Lichun have been very important to unblock unconscious patterns and constructs that were ruling my life. Now, I begin to see more clearly how to manage them and I have more courage to leave them behind.

The 1:1 program has allowed me a better understanding of myself from a holistic whole: my body, mind, emotions and constructs. How the constructs articulate my mind and emotions, and how the body somatizes them was something that I just discovered. Doing this program where every piece adds up and counts is very revealing. The program has given me a lot of self-confidence and has given me the time and care I needed for a long time.  

One of the most important experiences of this program is that words or psychoanalysis are not so present, so you can free from what you have told yourself thousands of times, to discover or recognize other truths. The ones that your pain, body, emotions or desires are looking for. I begin to listen more clearly to what I need for myself and what are my inner truths."

- Diana, a filmmaker, Barcelona, ES / Amsterdam, NL

Before I started working with Lichun I was not able to grant myself the time and space to take care of myself. I somehow had lost connection to who I am
In between work, family, life, and overthinking.

I felt stuck and in a transformative phase at the same time but wasn’t able anymore to focus on myself. So I figured scheduling regular meetings with Lichun would provide me
with an obligately me-time. Space to reclaim my power, to rest, to reflect, to explore, to receive.  

Intuitively I knew that the combination of yin yoga, Thai yoga massage, chakra meditation and sound therapy would provide me with new tools and perspectives. I was able to connect to myself through all of these methods, and Lichun’s steady, calm, and caring guidance. While the first session helped me explore, it soon enough helped me to connect to the dots of my inner journey and provided me with concrete ideas and tools to support myself.

Before the program, I was convinced that when I granted myself the space to focus on my needs, there would be less room for others. Now, I know that when I turn inwards, others will actually feel the space to do so too. I experienced that I alone am responsible - and able- to make myself happy, less overwhelmed, less tired, balanced, authentic, in peace, and powerful. 

- Anneke, Utrecht, NL

Although I started the program at a point in my life where I was actually a bit too overwhelmed and had too many other programs to juggle at the same time, I loved working with Lichun. Her energy is amazing, she is very intuitive, supportive, and without judgment. Her voice is a gentle instrument and guides me through many exercises. Also, I got some very practical and helpful tools I use almost on a daily basis. I particularly enjoyed the Sound therapy, since it seems to work on an energetic level, and of course her wonderful massages.

- Ivonne, artist, Amsterdam, NL

Book a free call?

You can book your free 30-min call with me to know more about how your journey will be, and I will support your journey. 



Would you like to take this step, purely for yourself, just for yourself? With yourself.


€ 1337



€ 375

Do you have more questions? 

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What do clients say

about me?

“Lichun has been a great channel for connecting me with the energy that I lacked. She brought me to a sacred place, a sacred source I can drink from, a place I always hoped existed, but couldn't find it without her guidance. From that place, I receive more stable energy and more stable emotion. Apart from sound therapy I also follow psychotherapy and for me, it feels like they are complementary. Thank you Lichun for your guiding voice and your warm personality."

— Ton, the Netherlands

The sound sessions were a good experience. After each session, I felt relaxed and closer to my inner self, to what happened in my body, and to what does that tell me about what is going on in my mind and soul. At the end of the first session, I felt elated, very cheerful, and very light of heart. In the other sessions, I felt parts of my body, which felt like dead wood before, opening up, streaming, revitalizing, and connecting. The talk before and after the experience helped to give the experience a place in my daily life. I developed new meditation routines to help me stay close to the good experiences I had during the sessions.
So it was a valuable experience.
Lichun is a quiet, dedicated, empathetic, disciplined professional who creates a safe atmosphere.

— Truus, the Netherlands

Lichun has a sensitivity to touch and balance/counterbalance in her massage work that transported me to a state of total relaxation into the deepest muscle in my body.  It was like passive yoga and meditation all in one, that left me feeling like a soft noodle from head to toe. 

— Rebecca, Iceland/USA

Receiving biweekly inspirations for your inner journey.

Thanks for subscribing!

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