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A 6-month online group program for your creativity and life.

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to feel at ease, gain clarity, be in the creative flow, and live an empowered and authentic life.

A deep Inner journey integrated with Chakras balancing through meditation, Yin Yoga, Sound therapy, journaling, and feedback sessions for your creative project.

For artists, intuitive, conscious, and creative beings who feel overwhelmed, exhausted, chaotic, and unsettled.



Have you been feeling…


  • Exhausted from switching roles between being an artist and other commitments?


  • Overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed with everything you need to do?


  • Struggled to have more time, energy, and space for your art practice?


  • Doubt about the project you have wanted to start for a long time? the project you are doing? the project you want to finish?


  • Tired of surviving, trying to keep up your art practice, while trying to make a living from anything else you can do?


  • Unsettled in your lifestyle between different projects, places, and roles?

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Take a moment to ask yourself

How would you like to feel ?

Is this your story?


You are afraid that, eventually, your dream will not work, no matter how hard / how long you have been trying. You feel you are just a dreamer and never able to realize your most profound passion. You feel you are disappointing others and don't fit their expectations when choosing your own path.

You feel you are not following your passion when you cannot dedicate 100% of your time and energy to something you truly love. You are frustrated that you want to do what you truly love but still have to do other things to pay the bills. You feel anxious from the lack of security, lack of stability.  

You are exhausted from catching up on all the deadlines and endless to-do lists and often feel overwhelmed and stressed when everything is coming simultaneously or the project is getting complex. You think there is too much in your head, you
need overview and clarity. You struggle to balance between focusing on your true passionate project and the other parts of your life.  

You are tired of your endless self-doubt and self-judgement, that you are not good enough, you are not ready, and you are disappointed with yourself. You feel you are not talented enough nor in your creative flow. 

As an artist, I know how you feel; I understand it is difficult.

This is my story...


I recovered from feeling overwhelmed, rushing, forcing myself too much, self-punishment, self-criticism, almost burnout myself, and never being a good enough perfectionist to be more connected to myself, my body, my emotions, and my natural rhythm.


It was through my regular practice in yin yoga, chakra meditation, sound therapy, and all the reflective, spiritual, and mindset work I have been doing. I became aware of my need, voice, truth, and dream and served my multi-passionate life with ease and peace.


I still remember when I started working with Chakra, I noticed my heart was cracking open; I felt very vulnerable and overwhelmed because I began to feel the wound that had been suppressed for a long time. I was able to face my past finally, the unconscious trauma that I experienced, I was able to reflect on it to know what it is about for me, where my trigger coming from, what’s my pattern, and how I can support myself differently. It was a deep inner healing process, and it is an ongoing process for me to unfold the resistance I had.

I am genuinely grateful to receive this teaching and share the practice with you.




Through the Chakra practice, I can be more conscious of different areas of my life, feel safe, allow my emotion and creativity to flow, trust and value myself, feel compassion for myself and others, stay true to myself, and be able to express my need and my thought, to receive my inner wisdom and trust my intuition, and being open and humble and trust life.


Sound therapy, in particular, helps me to reprogram, to know how to learn more about myself through resistance, and to see that I am the one can heal myself; I am the one has all the answers within me. It is empowering.


Being in a life that is at ease, being more connected with myself, and having clarity inspire my creative process; for me, Art making is a crystallized version of my life experience, and I also explore life deeply through art experimenting. Spiritual practice supports me to be who I am, and creativity helps me become who I want to be.

This personal experience led me to create and share this program for YOU.


“Lichun has been a great channel for connecting me with the energy that I lacked. She brought me to a sacred place, a sacred source I can drink from, a place I always hoped existed, but couldn't find it without her guidance. From that place, I receive more stable energy and more stable emotion. Apart from sound therapy I also follow psychotherapy and for me, it feels like they are complementary. Thank you Lichun for your guiding voice and your warm personality."                                                    


-  Ton, the Netherlands

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"The sound sessions were a good experience. After each session, I felt relaxed and closer to my inner self, to what happened in my body, and to what does that tell me about what is going on in my mind and soul. At the end of the first session, I felt elated, very cheerful, and very light of heart. In the other sessions, I felt parts of my body, which felt like dead wood before, opening up, streaming, revitalizing, and connecting. The talk before and after the experience helped to give the experience a place in my daily life. I developed new meditation routines to help me stay close to the good experiences I had during the sessions.So it was a valuable experience.Lichun is a quiet, dedicated, empathetic, disciplined professional who creates a safe atmosphere."

- Truus, the Netherlands

What would your life be like if ….


  • You wake up with positive energy and calmness and look forward to your new day.

  • You feel at ease, balanced, trustful, and calm while creating and through your day.

  • You have a good balance between everything you want to do need to do, and everyone you care about.

  • You have a peaceful mind and clarity to reflect on the situation, create,  make decisions, take actions, and have an overview of what you are doing in the present moment.

  • You are inspired, trusting your intuition, and living in a creative flow. 

  • You have time, space, and energy for yourself, your projects, and others.

  • You trust yourself, love yourself, value yourself, support yourself, and create the life you dream of.

  • You are aligned with your natural rhythm, allowing it to rest and act.

  • You allow emotion and difficulty to be able to face and release.

  • You empower yourself; you own self-responsibility; you are the artist of your life.

  • You fall asleep with a quieter mind and gratitude and experience great rest from a good night’s sleep.

Anchor 1 - inviatin

The invitation

I invite you to join this 6 month online group deep inner journey together.

CHAKRA - your inner creative compass

A deep Inner journey for you - your creativity and life.




facing the FEAR

developing a stable foundation

feel safe, supported and grounded


connected with

Root Chakra 

Earth . Foundation . Physical  . Self-preservation


letting go of the GUILT

surfing the creative flow

feel deserved, feel emotional balance, allow the pleasure

connected with

Sacral Chakra

Water  . Movement and Connection . Emotional . Self-gratification


facing the DOUBT

building up confidence and trust

feel centered, courageous and empowered

connected with

Solar plexus Chakra

Fire . Transformation . Ego identity . Self-definition


Being LOVE in LOVE

creating with compassion and love

feel compassionate, loving, and balanced

connected with

Heart Chakra

Air . Love and Balance . Social . Self-acceptance; Acceptance of Others



Staying TRUE to yourself

Vibrating your true voice

resonates with creativity, have clear communication

connected with

Throat Chakra

Ether . Communication and Creativity . Creative . Self-expression



facing the CHAOS and UNKNOWN:  

connecting to the intuition and higher power

feel inspired, insightful, clear and connected

connected with

3rd Eye Chaka + Grown Chakra

Light . Pattern recognition . Archetypal . Self-reflection

The Cosmos . Understanding . Universal . Self-knowledge






A 6-month online group deep inner journey integrated with Chakra balancing and awareness through meditation, Yin Yoga, sound therapy, journaling, and feedback sessions for your creative projects.


A program designed to support your personal journey in feeling at ease, gain the clarity, be in the creative flow and live an empowered and authentic life.

In this program, each month we will focus on one charka and its particular identity and through all the practice to face and reflect the related issues, to heal our life within, and shine your creativity through your authentic self.




  • Each month you will receive:

2 x 120min online group session + replay



Chakra Theory, Meditation & Yin Yoga Practice, Sharing circle


Check-in, Sound therapy, Reflection & Insight


  • Every other month you can join:

1 x online Celebration & Feedback circle to support your project  



Kick off 1:1 sound therapy:

You will receive a 1:1 90min sound therapy before the group program start.


Self practice:

There will be exercises and reflective journaling sheet provided for each month,each theme, it is a support and inspiration for your daily life.



Exclusive Group:

Access to our private Whatsapp group

Connect with creative soul mate, share inspiration and insight.


Weekly reflective check-in:

I'll share weekly reflective questions or insight via voice message.



you will have extra 6 x 1:1  60min session, have extra support for your personal process, if you choose to join premium version.

The registration for 2023 is open till 14th October 2023

"the answers are within you" sounds ridiculous and difficult to believe, but having access to sound therapy by Lichun that is how I would sum up my experience. Sound therapy allowed me to access those parts of myself that I had blocked, thus enabling me to draw from a new source of knowledge and strength in the face of adversity in my life.


Hi, My name is Lichun.

I am an artist/filmmaker and inner work facilitator combining Yoga, Sound Therapy, meditation, and Thai yoga massage. I support my clients to listen to their bodies, connect with themselves, reflect and process the resistance, and receive their insight and inner wisdom.

I founded Beyond the Beyond, a studio focused on artistic film production, research, creative projects, and audio and visual performance. I also set up riverleaf, which provides inner journey programs and practices for supporting conscious and creative beings.

Originally from Taiwan, my experience as a multi-passionate entrepreneur made my exceptionally skilled in sensing the state of individuality and being aware of the space they need.

I am passionate about creating a journey and space where people can connect with their true selves and live life with positive vibrations.

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Are you considering Chakra - your inner creative compass?

Do you have questions you need answered first?

"The sessions with Lichun have been very important to unblock unconscious patterns and constructs that were ruling my life. Now, I begin to see more clearly how to manage them and I have more courage to leave them behind".


- Diana,  Spain & the Netherlands

This program is FOR YOU if ...

  • You have low self-esteem and a lack of self-trust, constantly feeling you are not good enough? Not ready?

  • You have lack of clarity and can't fully trust to your intuition to make better decisions.

  • You want to feel at ease and feel the creative flow while creating art in your life.

  • You want to face your fear, your past, and your wound, and be willing to work on it.

  • You want to commit, empower, and liberate yourself; to be the artist you are proud of, be the artist of your life.

This program is NOT for you if ...

  • You can prioritize yourself for the space and time you need for the things you want to do. 

  • You are centered, can connect with yourself with compassion, trust, and confidence, and enjoy your creative life.

  • You are not interested in inner work and not open to personal development and spiritual practice.

  • You are not ready to fully commit to yourself, give yourself an opportunity to change.

  • You don't want to try, you don't want to believe, and you don't want to explore a conscious life for yourself.

Anchor 3 - yoga



Chakra meditation is a practice to connect with our energy centers. Each Chakra connects its own central issue and identity - survival, sexuality & emotions, power & will, love & relationship, communication, intuition & imagination, and awareness. Balancing the Chakra is a way to support us to be, to feel, to act, to love, to speak, to see, and to know. 


It supports you to…

  • Feel grounded, safe, and secure

  • Be creative and connected with your emotion

  • Have good self-esteem, and feel centered.

  • Feel balanced, compassionate, and self-acceptance.

  • Be truthful, be creative, be a good listener, and have clear communication.

  • Connect to your intuition and your inner knowing

  • Feel supported and receive the inner wisdom within you.



Yin yoga is a quiet, contemplative practice; working the body deeply with passive and longer-held poses. It increases blood circulation in the joints, improves energy flow, and overall physical and emotional well-being - releasing and connecting.


It supports you to…

  • Increase the energy flow and flexibility  

  • Improve emotional and physical balance

  • Invite calmness, awareness, peace, and space



Sound therapy uses sound, music, and specialist instruments played in therapeutic ways, combined with deep self-reflection techniques, to improve health and well-being.


It helps you to ….

  • Recognize where did everything start and block the flow of your life

  • Explore self-awareness, liberation, deep relaxation, and openness

  • Receive the change, insight, clarity, transformation, and illumination.

Being the artist of your life, creating your artist's way.

 "I was able to connect to myself through all of these methods, and Lichun’s steady, calm, and caring guidance. While the first session helped me explore, it soon enough helped me to connect to the dots of my inner journey and provided me with concrete ideas and tools to support myself.

Before the program, I was convinced that when I granted myself the space to focus on my needs, there would be less room for others. Now, I know that when I turn inwards, others will actually feel the space to do so too. I experienced that I alone am responsible - and able- to make myself happy, less overwhelmed, less tired, balanced, authentic, in peace, and powerful. "

- Anneke, Germany & the Netherlands


Anchor 5 - bonus
Receiving Your Special Bonus:
  • kick-off  1:1  90min sound therapy

  • pre recorded sound meditation

  • pre recorded guided Chakra meditation

  • pre recorded Yoga Nidra

Anchor 4



ONE PAYMENT              





€ 111

LITE version :
  • 1 kick off 1:1 sound therapy
  • 2 x  monthly group sessions + replay 
  • 3 celebration & feedback circle for your project
  • Exclusive Whatsapp Group

  • Weekly reflective check-in



ONE PAYMENT              






PREMIUM version :
  • 6 x 1:1 60min session
  • 1 kick off 1:1 sound therapy
  • 2 x  monthly group sessions + replay  
  • 3 celebration & feedback circle for your project
  • Exclusive Whatsapp Group

  • Weekly reflective check-in

  • 1 x 90min New moon session

  • 2 x Check in calls after the program

Do you have more questions? 

" I took several sessions of sound therapy for the chronic pain in my back, neck and head. Lichun took me on a great journey where I experienced things I would never ever imagined and I learned things about myself I never knew. It was like learning a new language to talk about my pain and my needs. I would have never ever imagined that sound therapy could be this intense and insightful. Lichun is a great, understanding and professional therapist. "

- Noortje, the Netherlands

Receiving biweekly inspirations for your inner journey.

Thanks for subscribing!

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