My name is Lichun, I am a Taiwanese artist / filmmaker who has been living and working in the Netherlands since 2007. Through the experience of my art practice and teaching, I have become particularly sensitive in sensing the state of individuality and aware of the subtle connection between things.

I discovered my love and passion for massage giving in 2017 and have gained a solid experience with full body relaxing massage and neck-shoulder-back massage. In 2018 I have completed my Thai Yoga massage training at ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam as well as received certification for all the levels.

I believe that the essence of massage is healing and balancing in both mindful and physical aspects. I enjoy the meditative and concentrated process of sensing the energy and physical condition of the other, and the chance to help and support them through the massage treatment.


Moreover, I often received very good feedback and I continuously keep developing my way of massaging, which has been described as sensible, caring, healing, and giving.

Riverleaf is a project, a research, a practice and a healing work focused on balance, senses, healing, mind and body through massage treatments.