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the moment of Check in with yourself

Even though I am getting more aware of my time and energy, trying not to fill up my schedule too soon... It is still quite hard to avoid the busyness sometimes. Especially this time of the year, seems everything needs to close off at the same time, deadlines are still there.....

I am grateful for having my regular morning ritual to support the balance of my body, my mind and my spirit; I do feel my body needs some rest, I need some more time off, to recharge, to rest.

After my daily chakra meditation, I would record my observation and reflection through voice memo. It feels like a moment of check-in with myself, how I felt at the present moment. After my morning exercises, I will write my "morning pages", which consists of 3 pages of flow of writing, flow of thoughts, flow of whatever comes out.

Sometimes I also do evening page, which I just write 1 page, more focus on reflection. Those moments help me be more aware - connecting with myself - Being present.

I feel it is important for me to have some moment of checking in:

How do I feel?

What do I want to celebrate?

What do I find hard?

How can I change?

What do I need?

Do I hear what my body is telling me?

What do I need right now in order to feel well?

check in, is a moment of connecting and listening to yourself.

It is also a moment to practice Satya - Truthfullness - start from being honest to yourself.

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