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physical & emotional & spiritual & mental nourishment
A mini retreat for the seasonal transition

Transition is during the shifting between

dark and light,

Yin and Yang,

day and night,

warm and cold,

slow and fast,

push and yield,

waxing and waning.


By connecting to seasonal awareness, we receive the inspiration of our unique rhythm for ourselves, with ourselves.

From winter to summer is getting lighter; it is a moment of energizing, expansive, radiating, waxing, pushing, and acting. From summer to winter is getting darker, a moment of relaxing, renewing, reflecting, contemplating, resting, and regenerating.

This inner journey focuses on connecting with yourself, being centered and balanced, and being in tune with your natural being and rhythm.

  • Spring turns to summer, a time of blossoming and unfolding.

  • Summer turns to Autumn, a time of harvesting and celebrating.

  • Autumn turns to winter, a time of drawing inwards and resting.

  • Winter turns to spring, a time of transformation and new beginnings.

An inner journey to be tuned with natural rhythm and aligned with our inner-self.

to reset

to charge

to replenish

to reconnect

to rebalance

with yourself, for yourself

to be

The inner journey: 

Chakra Meditation

Yin Yoga

Sound Meditation

Journaling + Reflecting + Sharing


Chakra Meditation
Chakras are energy centers in the body, situated along the spine. We have 7 main Chakras connected to our physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Through awareness, meditation, and yoga practice, we can check it, reflect and rebalance our energy. Each Chakra connects its own central issue and identity.
Yin Yoga
Yin, compared to yang, is less, slower, softer, more passive, surrendering, not forcing. Through yin practice, we invite gentle energy to our daily life, stillness, gentleness, and kindness for our body, mind, and ourselves. Not forcing, not pushing, but listening to our body, connecting/balancing to our body, our mind, and ourselves.
In yin yoga practice, we hold each pose for several minutes, which creates moderate stress on the connective tissues through stretching and compressing. The practice is designed to create balance in the water channel in the fascia, increase blood circulation in the joints, improve energy flow, and overall physical and emotional wellbeing -  releasing and connecting.

Sound Meditation
In sound Meditation, instruments will be played in therapeutic ways, combined with deep self-reflection techniques to improve health and wellbeing. Currently, the instruments will be used are  Himalayan singing bowls, voice toning/over toning, and combining the session with the self-reflective tool to enable us to gain clarity and insight.
Journaling + Reflecting + Sharing
A moment to integrate and connect the insight and the experience with yourself and others.


Dao de Jing Chapter 25

There was some process that formed spontaneously
Emerging before the heavens and the earth.
Silent and empty,
Standing alone as all that is, it does not suffer alternation.
All pervading, it does not pause.
It can be thought of as the mother of the heavens and the earth.
I do not yet know its name.
If I were to style it,
I would call it way-making.
And if I forced to give it a name,
I would call it grand.
Being grand, it is called passing,
Passing, it is called distancing.
Distancing, it is called returning.

Way- making is grand,
The heaven are grand,
The earth is grand,
And the king is also grand.
Within our territories
There are four “grandees”
And the king occupies one of them.

Human beings emulate the earth,
The earth emulates the heavens,
The heavens emulate way-making,
And way-making emulates what is spontaneously so. (ziran)


I attended the one-self ritual and session by session I started to relax and become more aware of some "disturbing" thoughts and the tireness of my body. The retreat to me has meant: letting go, create space for my mind and release.  A awesome way to begin the weekend. Thanks a lot Lichun!



I like the gentle space Lichun is creating, both mentally and physically. Afterwords I feel more peaceful and more connected with my body. Highly recommended.


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