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For conscious, intuitive, sensitive and creative beings.

Embrace the Summer Solstice: Growth, fulfillment, and Light

Yoga Nidra. Chakra Meditation. Voice toning. Movement. Sound meditation. Journaling

A deep inner care for yourself, with yourself to
connect your light within
feeling at
feeling the
clarity and insight


21 June

10:00 -12:00 CET

online via zoom +
33 days replay:
from Summer solstice to the Full moon in

The Summer Solstice marks a radiant transformation, gifting us the longest day of the year as the Sun reaches its zenith.  During this time, the Earth's energy shifts profoundly.


We transition

from the Sun to the Moon,

from dynamic yang to reflective yin,

from light to shadow,

from fire to water.


It is a journey from outward action to inward contemplation, inviting us to dream our ideas into existence. This sacred pause encourages us to turn inward, seeking nourishment for growth and evolution, allowing spring's seeds to bloom fully.

We celebrate not only the Sun's sustaining light but also the inner light that guides us.

The Sun's cycle mirrors our life's rhythm, illustrating energy's natural ebb and flow. There are times to expand, rest, release, and learn. The Summer Solstice symbolizes a shift from action to nourishment. It's like reaching a mountain's summit and pausing to savor the view.


We reflect and review our journey since the Winter Solstice and look forward to the path into the darker half of the year.

Please join me for this THE LIGHT WITHIN

honor the transformative power of the Summer Solstice, embracing the light within and around us as we dream our ideas into reality - feeling at ease, feeling the flow, gaining clarity and insight, and easing this transitional time with inspiration and integration, with intention and gratitude. 




1. A space for yourself
2. A moment for yourself
3. A place where you can move, sit and lie down
4. A journal you can write
5. A headphone you can listen to
6. Optional: blanket and cushions



My name is Lichun.


I am an artist/filmmaker and inner work facilitator combining Yoga, Sound Therapy, meditation, and Thai yoga massage. I support my clients to listen to their bodies, connect with themselves, reflect and process the resistance, and receive their insight and inner wisdom.

I founded Beyond the Beyond, a studio focused on artistic film production, research, creative projects, and audio and visual performance. I also set up riverleaf, which provides inner journey programs and practices for supporting conscious and creative beings.

Originally from Taiwan, my experience as a multi-passionate entrepreneur made my exceptionally skilled in sensing the state of individuality and being aware of the space they need.

I am passionate about creating a journey and space where people can connect with their true selves and live life with positive vibrations.

Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 21.46.36.png

“Lichun has been a great channel for connecting me with the energy that I lacked. She brought me to a sacred place, a sacred source I can drink from, a place I always hoped existed, but couldn't find it without her guidance. From that place, I receive more stable energy and more stable emotion. Apart from sound therapy I also follow psychotherapy and for me, it feels like they are complementary. Thank you Lichun for your guiding voice and your warm personality."                                                   

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