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Personalized. online+recording

Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation known as “yogic sleep.” It is an effortless state of restful being in freedom, a horizontal meditation, a conscious way to nourish every aspect of yourself - a deep restoration.


Yoga Nidra is not just a practice but also a form of awareness, a natural nurturing process for entering restful and creative consciousness. 



In Yoga Nidra, there is nothing to be done, no shoulds nor shouldn’ts; it is a state of non-doing, a state of being. 



It benefits you by improving thought patterns, mental clarity, and sleep quality; healing and navigating trauma and difficulty; reduce stress, depression, and anxiety.



In a 1:1 session, the Yoga Nidra will be co-created and personalized according to your situation and intention. There will be a check-in before the session to understand your needs, and the Yoga Nidra will last 30-40 minutes, followed by an integration and reflection.


You will receive the recording of Yoga Nidra for your home practice. 


The session will be held online via ZOOM




Duration: 60min / session   


10-15 min  check-in 

30-40 min  co-created & personalized Yoga Nidra

10-15 min  reflection & integration





Price:  (incl. btw)​

€ 79        for a loose individual session

€ 289      for a program of 4 sessions

               (once per week or once every other week)

You can contact me here to book your session or ask questions.



THANK YOU for this beautifully crafted yoga nidra, which left me feeling peaceful and optimistic.
I especially enjoyed the steady pace and soothing rhythm of your voice. The true jewel for me was the visualization and the opportunity to be with my future self. Thank you!


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