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For artists, conscious, intuitive, creative beings.

3 steps to unblock your creative flow

via Chakras - your inner compass
so you can shift

from overwhelmed to feeling at ease

from doubtful to trustful

from chaos to gaining the clarity

10 OCTOBER 2023
5pm-6pm CET

online + replay                               


Hi Creative Spirit,

Have you been feeling...

  • Exhausted from switching roles between being an artist and other commitments?

  • Overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed with everything you need to do?

  • Struggled to have more time, energy, and space for your art practice?

  • Doubt about the project you have wanted to start for a long time? the project you are doing? the project you want to finish?

  • Tired of surviving, trying to keep up your art practice, while trying to make a living from anything else you can do?

  • Unsettled in your lifestyle between different projects, places, and roles?

                         ( As an artist, I know how you feel; I understand it is difficult.)














You may wonder if you can ever live a fulfilled life as an artist, as a creative being.




Are you ready to shift and rewrite your story about yourself and what you are going through?


Are you ready to commit yourself to transforming your struggles into possibilities?


Then join me for this FREE workshop where I'll share 3 steps to unblock your creative flow

via chakras - your inner compass, so you can feel at ease, feel trustful, gain clarity, and enjoy your creative flow and life. 



lichun tseng_01.tif
Screen Shot 2023-09-09 at 22.07.51.png



facing the FEAR:



developing a stable foundation

feel safe, supported and grounded

facing the DOUBT:


building up confidence and trust

feel centered, courageous and empowered

connected with

Root Chakra





connected with

Solar plexus Chakra



Ego identity


facing the CHAOS:  


connecting to the intuition

feel inspired, insightful, and clear

connected with

Third eye Chakra


Pattern recognition



Chakras are energy centers in the body, situated along the spine. We have 7 main Chakras, each chakra govern particular issue and identity. It's like your inner compass to support you to be, to feel, to act, to love, to speak, to see and to know.


1. A space for yourself
2. A moment for yourself
3. A place where you can sit and lie down
4. A journal you can write
5. A headphone you can listen to
6. Optional: blanket and cushions

ps. There will be a replay for 72 hours in case you cannot join live. 

This is for you if...

  • You often have negative thoughts about yourself? About things that might happen to you?

  • You have low self-esteem and a lack of self-trust, constantly feeling you are not good enough? Not ready?

  • You want clarity and connect to your intuition to make better decisions.

  • You want to feel at ease and feel the creative flow while creating art in your life.

  • You want to commit, empower, and liberate yourself; to be the artist you are proud of, be the artist of your life.

This is NOT for you if...

  • You can prioritize yourself for the space and time you need for the things you want to do. 

  • You are centered, can connect with yourself with compassion, trust, and confidence, and enjoy your creative life.

  • You are not interested in inner work and not open to personal development and spiritual practice.

  • You are not ready to fully commit to yourself, give yourself an opportunity to change.

  • You don't want to try, you don't want to believe, and you don't want to explore a conscious life for yourself.

Lichun Tseng is an artist/filmmaker and inner work facilitator combining Yoga, Sound Therapy, meditation, and Thai yoga massage. She supports her clients to listen to their bodies, connect with themselves, reflect and process the resistance, and receive their insight and inner wisdom.

She founded Beyond the Beyond, a studio focused on artistic film production, research, creative projects, and audio and visual performance. She also set up riverleaf, which provides inner journey programs and practices for supporting conscious and creative beings.

Originally from Taiwan, her experience as a multi-passionate entrepreneur made her exceptionally skilled in sensing the state of individuality and being aware of the space they need.

She is passionate about creating a journey and space where people can connect with their true selves and live life with positive vibrations.

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For artists and conscious, intuitive, creative beings.

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