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group. ONLINE live + replay

In sound Meditation, instruments will be played in therapeutic ways, combined with deep self-reflection techniques to improve health and well-being. Currently, the instruments that will be used are  Himalayan singing bowls and voice toning/over toning, in addition to combining the session with the BAST Method - 7 R, which is a self-reflective tool to enable us to gain clarity and insight for ourselves.

We will begin with a reflective exercise in a sitting position, then we will observe the issue you want to work on in the session, and we will be in a laying position for the sound, ending the sound session with therapeutic percussion.


MONDAYS  19:45-21:15 [CET]



FREE edition for this last session in this format.








Headphone - for a better listening experience

yoga mat - or something you can lie down

meditation cushion -  or something you can sit on

blanket - something to cover you and keep yourself warm

bolster - optional, for placing under your knee

journal & pen - capture your thoughts and insight


  • Please enter the virtual room 5 min in advance; the "door" will be closed 5min after the session starts.

  • The zoom link will be included on the ticket.

  • The online Sound session is NOT suitable for someone with a severe mental health condition.

  • If you cannot join the live session, there will be a replay available for 7 days.



I very much appreciated Lichun's knowledge and the explanation she gave at the beginning of the Sound Meditation. It gave me the tools I needed to fully explore and undergo the sound meditation.  She gave me a secure feeling to be with someone who understood what she was doing.
I appreciated the meditation took a long time so I had time to drift off, return, fall asleep, wake up, be with my feelings and thoughts, scan my body and mind. At the end I was more focused, open and calm. Thank you Lichun.



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