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I hear you. I understand it is difficult situation. I know you might feel tired, hopeless, and sad..... And everything keeps rolling, non stop....... You wish you can take a break, pause everything, just for that second, so you can breath. But you feel you cannot, it is your responsibility, they need you, you need to be there for them. I understand.

I would like to invite you to give yourself a little moment to connect, feel present, feel your breathing, feel you are grounding without rushing for solving all the issue now. Just pause all the duties for the moment, while you are drinking your tea or coffee, feel you are holding the cup, feel you are drinking, you are tasting......

then breath.

just a minute for YOURSELF, feel you are connected with yourself, in the present moment, Its OK, it will be OK.

this minute will give you little energy that can support you going through what you are dealing with.


There was a time, I was in depression, It might have been last for a couple of years, it was difficult. but I tried to sit on my balcony everyday for a few minutes, just listen to the sound around me through my sound recorder. That was a peaceful moment I gave to myself.....

Now years later, I have more tools to support myself, and I am grateful.

everyday is going to be different,

After a dark night, a new day comes.

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