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good morning


I know you are busy. I know so many things are coming at the same time. I know your agenda is full full full.

I understand you don’t have time.

but wait a moment.....

just a minute,


pause now, just give yourself a minute,

I know you have to rush to go somewhere, to finish something,

just a minute.

Take this minute for yourself,

checking in with yourself,

“how am I?”

“can I really feel what I feel?”

“What do I need right now in order to feel well?”

its Ok if you don’t feel anything,

but just give yourself that minute to start with,

pause the rushing,

slow down......

and breath.


I was considered as a responsible person since I was a kid, so I was getting a lot of tasks, because people trust me. I was very sweet and empathetic, so I was helping other a lot, taking over a lot of work from others, I thought I can.

Yes, I can do a lot,

But I was tired, I was exhausted without being aware of my boundary, my energy and time limitation...

Years later,...

Now, I am still a responsible, sweet and kind person, but I am more connected with myself, more aware of my energy and my feeling, and my needs. Be truthful and honest to communicate when I cannot. And they understand, and they really appreciated my honest even when I said no.


Would you like to start giving yourself that minute? And slowly extended to few more minutes, until you got some moment that is giving you space, your ritual, for yourself.

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