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inviting emptiness into the daily life

It seems like a common thing that we all have a busy life. We have different duties, different commitments, for others, for work, for living.....

I was/am definitely suffering/struggling a lot from the busyness.

Some people might think when you are busy means you are doing “well”, you got a lot to do. But I realized after some years, we could still be burned out from the things we love and enjoy.

Its all about the balance.

Its not going to work if we only add without reducing.

I was asking myself few months ago, how can I have more time and space for my art and myself?

but the truth is, if I don’t reduce anything on my plates, there wont be any space either.

I am practicing to invite more emptiness in my daily life, stop filling up the schedule too soon, trying to reserve some “time slots” for myself, creating more space for me

to breath

yes, we need to breath. We need to slow down a bit.....

the main practice actually was being truthful to myself. Connect to myself, connect to my body, be aware of what are they telling me?

be honest to myself helps me to be a bit more centered each day, helps me to have better overview of my days, helps me to communicate my true feeling, helps me to say no sometimes.

Saying no, means not now, can be later,

Saying no, means not do everything at the same time.

it is not ease. I am practicing.

Hope you also invite more emptiness to your place as well.

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